World of Warcraft character portraits

It is more blessed to pwn than to be pwn'ed!

It is more blessed to pwn than to be pwn'ed!

A few years back my son sat me down and walked me through the character creation process on his brand new game “World of Warcraft”.   He then (patiently) instructed me on how to make this new individual move through the different environments and situations.  Now years later I’ve got my own squad of different characters  with their various stories and items.   While I’m not a hard core player, I do very much enjoy spending an hour or so before bed in a world where 99% of my problems can be solved with a big, spiked warhammer.

"Seek" the Night Elf Mage.

"Seek" the Night Elf Mage.

When Upperdeck Entertainment offered me the chance to do art for their  World of Warcraft ccg it was a great opportunity to illustrate scenes from the alternate reality that I have come to know over the years.

Each assignment required accurate depictions of the character races and items.  Having an account with my own characters made it possible to go in-game and get my own reference material.  Many times I’ve had other players pose for screenshots of their toons race, armor or class gear.   On many occasions my own guild members have helped out with these photo shoots.  Once the art is published  they’ve always gotten a great deal of satisfaction knowing that their character has moved beyond the digital realm to be viewed by the thousands and thousands of players using the cards.

I’m currently working on my first non-card WoW character commission.  It can be seen in the initial phase on my previous post.   I’ll display more as the piece moves along.

Do you have a character that you’d like immortalized with a unique portrait?   Contact me at:  ber5erker@hamilton.net   and we can discuss your ideas.


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